The Wolf and the Well

Book 2: The Wolf and the Well

Written by Eric Grissom, Art by Will Perkins

What would you sacrifice to protect the one you loved?

One dark and stormy night, Rikt meets a mysterious fortune teller in the woods. When she foresees his best friend, a wolf named Fish-breath, is in mortal danger, he is overcome with the fear of losing her. When an opportunity to protect her presents itself, Rikt trades the freedom of the wild for the protection of Underwood—an orphanage for monster children and a sanctuary for wolves. Was his bargain worth the price? And what fate awaits the children who live there? The Wolf and the Well is perfect for fans of fantasy adventure graphic novels like Amulet and Lightfall.



Praise for Goblin: The Wolf and the Well

Goblin 2 surpasses its predecessor in its emotional depth and sincerity, ensuring an even more immersive and unforgettable experience.

Jennie Wood

GOBLIN 2: THE WOLF AND THE WELL is a gorgeous follow up, a dark, rollicking fairy tale that at its heart is a wild road caper about a boy and his dog — triumph and tragedy await within!”

Steve Orlando
Scarlet Witch, Wonder Woman, Ben10, Batman

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