The Mark

A Dark Fairy Tale

Written by Eric Grissom, Art by Claire Connelly

The Mark is a 76 page hardcover beautifully adapted and illustrated by Claire Connelly.

AS DARKNESS FALLS on the forest, a young trapper finds herself too far from the walls of her village to make the journey home. Instead, she decides to brave the cold, dark night alone in the mysterious woods. Unable to find fuel for her fire, she turns to an ancient, hallowed tree. A tree that her people have sworn to never touch. And never, ever, burn. The Mark is the story of what happens when that vow is broken. A ghost story told through comic art and verse by writer Eric Grissom and illustrated and adapted by Claire Connelly.




Five years ago #claireconnelly and I collobrated on a storybook called The Mark. It was a fun project and made for a gorgeous hardcover. #fantasybooktok #storybook #graphicnovel #booktok

♬ original sound – Eric Grissom

Praise for The Mark

Through immersive rhyming stanzas and inky b&w cartoons, Connelly and Grissom tell an eerie medieval cautionary tale that straddles picture book and graphic novel terrain.

Publisher’s Weekly

The story’s eerie rhymes conjure up medieval stories and take you deep inside the atmospheric world of the book. 


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