Planet Gigantic

Ensnared By Space

Written by Eric Grissom, Art by David Halvorson

Yuri and Valentina are not like other kids. They weren’t born. They were made.

Created by Dr. Roberta Reilly in the secret underground laboratory of the Wunderkind Corporation, these two super powered siblings, and their robot caretaker MOTHER, were sent to explore the farthest reaches of the universe. What they find will change their lives forever.

“Ensnared by Space” is a 13 page comic adventure that kicks off the graphic novel, PLANET GIGANTIC.

Art by David Halvorson

Praise for Planet Gigantic

I’m often on the lookout for comics that I can read with my kids, looking for both for appropriateness of subject matter, and even more importantly, something they’ll find interesting enough to read. I’m happy to say that Planet Gigantic succeeds on all those counts.

Panel Patter

…it’s fun, it’s engrossing and it’s all done in a few simple, clean pages.

Comics Astonish

Grissom captures the tradition of a Flash Gordon style exploration book and infuses it with the fun of a Wonder Twins cartoon. David Halvorson brings a cartoon look and feel to the comic that only increases the overall enjoyment.

Bagged and Bored

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