Book 1: Dead Birds

Written by Eric Grissom, Art by Phil Sloan, Colors by David Halvorson

“Dead Birds” collects the first six issues of Deadhorse, character sketches, pinups, deleted pages, and more.

Deadhorse is the story of William Pike, a reclusive shut in who comes into possession of a powerful key and becomes the target of an evil industrialist. When Pike learns the key may help solve the mystery behind his father’s death, he embarks on a journey into the farthest reaches of Alaska while being pursued by an array of bizarre bounty hunters.


Praise for Deadhorse

This rollicking conspiracy adventure glides along thanks to cryptic but genuinely absorbing mysteries balanced with clever characterization. 

Publisher’s Weekly

Winner Best Mini Series, Best Artist, Best Cover Design

Something off the beaten path and unique

Wonderful storytelling


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