Animals: Book 1

Written by Eric Grissom, Art by Claire Connelly

28 page mini-comic

A young hen dreams of a better life while she toils away in her single mother’s boarding house. When a pig moves in and takes a job at the local slaughterhouse, she sees an opportunity to get away.

Praise for Chickens

…the central premise is neatly folded into the narrative, which is really about the family drama and pressures in the life of over-worked Marigold in the context of her mother and brother and her taboo friendship with Mr. Buckner, a pig. It’s such strong storytelling that it would make an excellent animated film in the hands of Grissom and Connelly.

Bleeding Cool

Grissom and Connelly mostly avoid tackling the gimmick head-on and instead focus on telling a good story about growing up and chasing your dreams, letting the grisliness of a slaughterhouse for humans lurk in the background.

Mental Floss

This is a comic worth good conversation; it inspires with heavy subjects in a way that is strangely uplifting in the face of monumental adversity.

Fanbase Press

The story’s execution is magnificent. Writer Eric Grissom continues to improve with each new tale and this one-shot has me excited to check out the graphic novel in its entirety. If you can’t relate to Marigold on some level than you’re missing out on the human existence.

Comic Bastards

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